We develop a set of related services that makes life easier for businesses, professionals and individuals

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At the core of our activities

Orifice Group consists of 07 related services including 3 priority investment hubs. Our incubator (Cycle) selects ideas to create services and products. Our Jobs platform recruits the best talents to develop the products and services and our Store sells them.

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Orifice Ads

We are already at the digital era, improve your business’ branding.

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Orifice Jobs

Get in touch with the latest job opportunities at the local and international level.

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Orifice Redacting

Our team of web editors offer you the best contents for your pages, blogs and websites

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Our Lab, to learn how to develop relevant solutions

Incubator cycle supports the most relevant ideas in order to add value and create the best solutions to improve the daily life of everyone. Do you have an idea you wish to develop? Get in touch with us for support...

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Eric GNANGLI, Developper

Orifice Group is a hub of ideas and resources. We like our work environment.

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Create a customized version of Orifice for your business

With Orifice Intech, grow and boost your business with our digital technologies. Follow the digital trend.

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CEO of BeAfrica

We appreciate the efforts of Orifice Group to provide companies like ours with technological tools

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